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Acupressure for Jet Lag

Welcome back after what seemed to be an endless summer. I took a long summer break filled with time for my family, friends and my kids … and lots of travel …. In fact at some point in the timeframe of 9 days i travelled from Germany, to the Netherlands, to Seattle in the US, back to the Netherlands and then to Turkey. 4 countries, 3 continents, 4 climates, 3 different time zones and 10 hours time difference. This kind of travel is super hard on the body as it messes up with our biological clock. Especially for the body of highly sensitive person.

Here is what I did to overcome jet lag.


I worked especially with the extraordinary meridians as they become active in special times such as a change in time zones. I really love those meridians as they allow you to tap into the deep resources of energy in your body.

I worked with the two extraordinary meridians that govern our biological clock and sleep-wake cycle: the yin and yang heel meridian. So here is what i did.


Jet Lag Cure Manual

1. Do acupressure on the regulation points of the yin and yang heel meridian

The image below shows the acupressure points that open and regulate the yin and yang heel meridian. As those channels govern your biological clock, stimulating them will help to get your biological clock back in balance. You can either press on the points for at least one minute or you can include them in a massage by:

rubbing your wrists (Lung7)

and then rubbing with your pink side of the hands (SI3) at the dip just below the outer ankle bone (Bladder 62) and then also on the inside of your leg/foot in the depression below the tip of the medial malleolus (Kidney 6).

2. Yin and Yang Heel Meridian Meditation

I did a small meditation daily in which i went with my attention along the pathway of those two meridians.

"Inhale and move your attention from your heel to your hips along the inside of your legs, then over your belly to your head. Exhale and follow a line down on the external side of your body, down via your shoulders, arms, then legs to your ankles. Inhale and go up again from your heels via the inside of your legs to your hips and via your belly, breast to your head and down again with an exhale via the external side of your body. Repeat this 8-19 times."

3. Reset your inner clock with a meridian massage

The qi in our body follows everyday a specific time schedule and pathway when it circulates inside our body. This phenomenon is described as Chinese body clock, you could also call it your inner clock.

When we travel across time zones this inner clock gets messed up. But you can reset it. There are two ways:

  1. If you are familiar with do-in yoga and the chinese organ clock, you can simply adjust your exercise routine to follow the order of the chinese clock.

  2. You can also do the following self massage exercise: Trace with your fingers your meridians in the order of the chinese organ clock. This will reset your body clock.

Here’s a written description of this exercise (in Dutch).

Here is a video how to do this (in English):


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