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Know And Trust Yourself

This self-paced online course teaches you to connect to your Akashic Library, your soul history. Reading your records will help you to understand your past, your mission for this life, your talents, and how you can gain back your sovereignty and power. Through the course work you learn to trust your intuition and to recognize the guidance you receive from your higher self and spirit guides.

Heal The Past To Influence The Future

This course includes a variety of guided healing experiences, and activations to release any fears and blocks that keep you away from accessing your full psychic abilities.


You will learn how to access healing realms within the Akashic Records, how to receive activations, and how to understand and heal karmic relationships and situations.


"Sabine is a talented healer and teacher, and a ray of very special celestial sunshine. You can't help but be changed for the better after spending time with her; she shares her unique wisdom and knowledge clearly, relatably and generously."


"Sabine and her co-facilitator are amazing. They made me feel at ease with the records. They are so knowledgeable [...] I am now able to go into my records and trust my intuition without fear."



This course is designed for those who are new to the Akashic Records and for those who have experience channeling and experience accessing the records but who don't trust their messages or the experience or can't see/read as much as they wish.



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What are the Akashic Records? 

The Akashic Records are a realm for learning, communication, and healing. The records contain information about every person, event, and experience that has ever happened or existed. Your records hold wisdom on your soul history, life purpose, unique talents, and future possibilities!

Through the Akashic Records, you can communicate and receive guidance from your higher self and divine beings, experience healings and activations, and learn about yourself and the universe.

Why Learn?

Accessing the Akashic Records is like unlocking a treasure trove of wisdom about yourself. 

Receive insights and guidance to help you navigate life and align with your true purpose.

Accessing your records is an empowering experience that helps you to come back home to yourself.


Book an Akashic Record Reading with me to learn more about your soul's history or join my online course to learn to read the Akasha. 

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