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HI! I'm Sabine


I have spent many years in the business world searching for my true calling. That calling came when I started to study East Asian Medicine and developed my spirituality. Since 2015, I have trained in different energy healing methods. I am

  • a licensed Acupuncturist/Chinese Medicine Practitioner,

  • certified Do-In/Meridian Yoga Teacher,

  • Shiatsu massage therapist,

  • Reiki Healer and

  • Akashic Record Reader.

I am a very sensitive and intuitive person and I use my sensitivity in my healing sessions. 

I love to combine old wisdom like Chinese medicine concepts with galactic energy healing methods such as light language to create holistic healing sessions that address physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. 

I believe every person and body has the innate wisdom to heal and I feel honored to be part of that journey with my clients.

Apart from assisting people in their healing journey, I love to share my knowledge of spirituality and the art of healing. My soul originated in the galactic centre of the Milky Way and the star cloud Messier 24, a location of advanced angelic ultraterrestrials who live in celestial service and oversee the affairs in the Milky Way. I have also spent many lifetimes on Mintaka, Sirius B, and Arcturus and carry the vibration and healing arts of these planets. I came on earth to connect people back to who they truly are. A magnificent soul incarnated into a physical body. I love to share my knowledge about energy, soul growth, and living one's destiny via my podcast taowisdom, and on my social media channels. 


Every day is a day worth living fully. And I am here to show you how marvellous your life can be.  


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