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Spring Power - Boost Your Fertility, Creativity & Ability to initiate


Do you want to support your mental, physical, and emotional health using the natural cycles of energy within us and around us? In this course, you will learn how you support yourself best during the spring months. Learn to boost your fertility, creativity and ability to initiate. When we follow the natural rhythm of nature we are more in flow with life, we use our energy more resourceful, and we feel more balanced and healthy. Spring is the time of the year for planning, growth and expansion. In this course you learn how to tap into your creative energy in the sacral chakra and liver meridian to create, birth and grow. Throughout this course you will work extensively with the energy of the liver and gallbladder system and wood element, to support fertility, vitality, your decision making ability and your creative potential. Included: 6 video instructions 15 lessons with learning materials and healing experiences Akashic Record readings and guided meditation Chinese medicine knowledge about health during the spring season and wood element lifecycle Chinese medicine knowledge on liver and and gallbladder health Exercise and acupressure manuals, diet and lifestyle advice Join this course and go through this time of the year with ease and well-being.



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