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Circle Of Light Healing

  • 1 h
  • 444 euro

What you receive

The Circle of Light is a unique and revolutionary healing container where four healers will hold and work with your energy to bring you back to the highest version of yourself. Sneha, Rebecca, Melissa, and Sabine combine the powers of Reiki, Energy Healing, and Shamanic Practices to deliver one of the most powerful and life-changing experiences you will encounter. Gain clarity, peace, prosperity, and divine guidance through the power of four healers channeling celestial energy from Siria, Apollonia, Mintaka, the Akashic Records, and the Angel realms. Everything is possible, make quantum leaps in your healing journey and receive a divinely guided healing experience with the Circle of Light. What you will receive: - An email with pre-session instructions - 15 min guided meditation - 30 min of Reiki & Energy Healing from 4 Healers - Post-session feedback via voice message from 4 healers with specific guidance and insights into your healing journey Logistical Details: Please specify your health challenges in the signup form. Book a time slot of your convenience for the session. For the session itself, you will need to set aside roughly 45 min. It would be good if you can relax during this time. Lie, put on soothing music, and open yourself up to receive. We have designed this healing to start with a guided meditation. This will prepare your soul and body to be as relaxed and receptive as possible. We have put together a library of guided meditations for you. Pick any of them, they generally last 15 min. After you have completed the meditation we will send healing to you. The healing treatment will last around 30 min. Within 24 hours of your chosen time slot, each of us will send you a voice message with insights into the healing experience and specific guidance for your healing journey. See below what clients say about this service and meet your healers.

Cancellation Policy

All sales are final. No refunds are permitted. Rescheduling is always possible. If you have any questions before purchasing please reach out to me at A 24h notice is required to cancel and reschedule an appointment.

Contact Details


"Sabine is a talented healer and teacher, and a ray of very special celestial sunshine. You can't help but be changed for the better after spending time with her; she shares her unique wisdom and knowledge clearly, relatable and generously."

Attendee of Awaken The Womb Healing and Channeling Course 

Meet your Healers

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