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Tapping into the wisdom of your soul

Creating a unity between head, heart and hara with this short meditation


I recently wrote a blog post how you can tap into your soul via journalling to alter your life and make better decisions.

This is a corresponding Do-In yoga exercise to connect head, heart and hara to make wise decisions and live in harmony.

When we have to take important decisions, often our head and our heart are fighting a battle between what we think and feel. But when the two are aligned we feel harmony and peace. The real deal-breaker though to make wise decisions is when you also bring in your hara. Your hara is your lower belly, your gut area, your energy center and your soul. It’s your intuition, your inner wisdom that guides you to a life with purpose.

When those three align you see clearly what is needed in your life to be happy. You act with confidence, you are centred and in harmony with yourself and the surrounding.



1. Sit comfortably. Now take deep breaths. When you inhale send Qi down to your lower belly and when you exhale send the Qi back up and exhale slowly. Let the exhale take longer than the inhale.

2. Now bring your attention to your head. Specifically to the energy center in your head, a space on your forehead between your eyebrows.

What thoughts are present here? See if you can make contact with the silence behind your thoughts.

3. Now bring your awareness down to your heart area. You can place a hand on your heart for a better connection. How does this area feel? Breath to create space in your heart. Make contact with the love and compassion in your heart. With an exhale fill your entire body with the love from your heart.

4. Drop your awareness down to your lower belly, just below your belly button. This is your hara, the most important energy field in your body. This is where your intuition sits. Breath consciously into your lower belly. Make contact with the strength and space of your hara.

Tune in to intuitions or emotions that are present here.

5. Take deep and slow breaths all way in and all way out. Stay connected with head, heart and hara. Unity.

This meditation can take 30 seconds or 5 minutes. If you have an important decision to make you can do this meditation and at the end ask yourself how you should decide.

For a visual instruction check out this video from Mrs. Mindfulness.


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