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Nourishing your heart

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Join me in an exercise for your heart-protector energy system, the pericardium


Summer time is when your heart and pericardium energy systems are most active, and it's a great time to support them. Today I want to share a Qi Gong exercise with you that nourishes the pericardium. The pericardium is literally the protective membrane around your heart, but it does so much more. Firstly, it protects the emperor of our energetic body - the heart, from stress, harmful emotions and pathogens. It's like a gate that keeps danger away from the heart and opens the heart up to beauty and love. It allows us to form relationships and to feel love and give love. But it also helps us to create healthy boundaries and share only as much as needed. It assists the heart in governing our blood, and it's the gateway to our soul.

The pericardium helps us through anxiety, depression, heart-ache and disconnection from our soul. It's good to strengthen the pericardium system in times of hardship and feeling flat so that you can access all of what your soul desires.

In the first video, I explain in more detail the functions of the pericardium. The second video goes straight into the exercise.



1. Stand in Qi Gong stand. Feet are hip-width apart. Back is straight. Tuck in your pelvis and chin. Take a couple of deep breaths and turn inwards.

2. Cross your hands, one hand in front of the other. Bring them on the level of the center of your sternum (Res 17). Imagine red/green light penetrating your heart and pericardium. Breathe into your heart. Feel your hearts' vitality.

3. Bring your hands to the level of your lower abdomen. Palms face heaven as if you are cradling a baby. Energy is penetrating your lower abdomen/tandien.

4. Spirally twist hands in an 8 figure above head and body. Each direction 3 times. Connect the three tandiens in your thoughts (body/mind/soul).

5. Hold hands in front of lower tandien. Palms facing your body. Imagine energy entering your lower tandien.

5. Pulling down heaven: Inhale as arms raise laterally besides your body with palms facing down. At shoulder height, palms turn to face sky as hands raise overhead. Exhale while hands descend in front of body with palms facing you.

6. Bring hands in front of your chest. Palms face each other. The center of palms connect. Imagine a ball of energy in between your hands, and now let that ball enter your chest. Turn hands towards yourself and middle fingers connect (Pericardium9). Now open your arms out as energy travels from your chest, along the inside of your arms to the tip of your middle finger along the pericardium channel.



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