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Acupressure for Ear pain

Welcome to the first post of this new series. This series will explore acupressure and self-massage manuals to relieve symptoms of many common illnesses. You can apply them at home on yourself and your children. They are safe and easy to do.

Acupressure works by placing pressure on specific points on your meridians (energy channels) on the body to release Qi. With acupressure you support your immune system for a quicker recovery.


My youngest son could not sleep this Saturday evening and was complaining about ear pain. This was the first time that one of our children had ear pain so I was a bit lost at how to help him. I called the doctor’s office but as expected I got the usual advice from them to give him paracetamol and wait until his body naturally overcomes the possible ear infection he might have. They told me it might take a couple of days for him to be better. I gave paracetamol just so that he could sleep but i also applied to following massage/acupressure on his ear to relieve symptoms and aid his recovery. He did wake up the next day without any further pains and is back to his usual shape.


Acupressure Manual

This is the massage i did.

I especially gave attention to the 4 points shown on the image.

They are all connected to ear problems and massaging them will aid healing:

Triple Heater 21

Small Intestine 19

Gall Bladder 2

Triple Heater 17

  1. Rub your hands against each other to warm them up and charge them with energy.

  2. When your palms are warm place them on your ears and close the ear canal.

  3. Now give pressure with your thumbs behind the ear lobe (triple heater 17). Massage this place for 1-2 minutes.

  4. Now with your fingertips give pressure and massage in front of the ear canal (triple heater 21, SI 19 and GB 2).

  5. Massage the outer ear with the pinna and auricle.

  6. Massage the earlobe.

  7. Move your palms from the back of your head over the ears so that the earlobe flaps to the front. Repeat 10 times.

  8. Pull your earlobes downwards.



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