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Know Yourself 

What is the purpose of your life? What are your innate talents? What does your soul want to bring forward in this life? What makes your heart shine? 

If you are curious about these questions, then this offering is for you. I will analyze for you what your soul brought into this lifetime and what it wants to experience. 

In this offering, I am combining the wisdom of some of the best scientific modalities for describing human characteristics with the guidance from your Akashic soul records. This profile will give you insights into your talents, your growth areas, your soul urges and the direction you can take to live a happy and fulfilled life.


In detail, I will analyse your 

  • Human Design Profile 

  • Your Numerology Profile

  • your Birth Chart in western and vedic astrology and

  • I will read the Akashic Records of your soul, using the following questions:  


      What are your biggest gifts? 

      What are the fears that hold you back? 

      How can you follow your purpose? 

      How can you live a soul-aligned life? 




You will need to be above 18 years old. 

I would need your birth date, birth time, and birth place as well as your permission to enter your Akashic Records. 

The final profile will be delivered within 5 business days. 

This service includes: 

  • written profile with highlights including Human Design Type, Numerology Analysis of Life Path and Soul Urge Number, Western Astrology Analysis of North/South Node Placement, Vedic Astrology Placement of Rahu/Ketu; Transcript of Akashic Record Reading 

  • audio recording (mp3) where I talk in more depth about your profile and also include the Akashic Record Reading 

  • follow up vm or email to talk about findings

Price: 221 EUR

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