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Highly Sensitive 


Are you a deep thinker with a rich inner life?

Do strong smells or bright lights bother you?

Do you need time to unwind and recharge after spending time in large crowds?


Chances are that you are a highly sensitive person. Take this test to be sure. 

Thanks to the research of Dr. Elaine Aron, much has been published in the last years about highly sensitive people. However, most of the publications focus  on the downsides of sensitivity.

I see it as a gift and a strength. Nonetheless, I believe highly sensitive people have to take more precautions than others to stay mentally and physical well in order to balance the heightened level of stimuli and stress that their bodies frequently experience. 

Gentle energy-moving exercises and treatments such as Do-In yoga, Qi-Gong, Shiatsu and massage are very well suited to bringing balance into the Qi/energy flow in the body of a highly sensitive person. 

In my blog I am sharing special exercises for highly sensitive people, but also my experience being a highly sensitive parent and raising a highly sensitive child.
During my Treatments and DO-In classes
I will consider your sensitive body and tailor my recommendations to it.
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