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In this self-paced online course, Kayli Ariela and I teach you how to read your own Akashic records. As part of the program, you will receive activations, healing experiences, and guidance on how to access the Akashic Records. Gain trust, confidence, and clarity on your psychic abilities and intuition. Connect to your soul history, spirit guides, ancestors, and higher self to receive information that enhances your decision-making, unlocks your unique gifts and gives you clarity on your path. 


SIGN UP UNTIL 31 MARCH and get as a bonus a private session with Sabine. 




  • video instructions,

  • "How to Read the Akashic Records" workbook, 

  • guided meditations with activations and healing, 

  • healing sound experiences, 

  • SIGN UP UNTIL 31 MARCH and GET one 30-minute private reading INCLUDED


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THE AKAHA ABUNDANCE PORTAL                               with Kayli Ariela & Sabine 


Our next group container is launching soon and it will be a special one. Celebrate Valentine's Day differently this year. We will channel in the Akashic Records on the themes of love and abundance. Listen to ancient wisdom, and take part in healing experiences opening your heart to receive more love and wealth in your life. 

No channeling experience is needed. Come here to receive.

Classes will start in February 2024

More Details Coming Soon 


What are the Akashic Records? 

Imagine a library that contains information about every person, event, and experience that has ever happened or existed.


In this library, your records hold wisdom on your soul history, life purpose, unique talents, and future possibilities!

Why Learn?

Accessing the Akashic Records is like unlocking a treasure trove of wisdom about yourself. 


Receive insights and guidance to help you navigate life and align with your true purpose.


Accessing your records is an empowering experience that guides you to excel in all areas of life. 

More Info

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  • Are the Akashic Records associated with any believe system or religion?
    The Akashic Records are a universal tool that is not limited to a certain culture or religion. We believe that anyone, regardless of their beliefs or lifestyle, can benefit from the wisdom available within the Akashic Records.
  • How can the Akashic Records help me get clarity in life?
    Imagine the Akashic Records as a more personalized and immersive version of Google’s search engine. With Google, you ask a question and get suggested results that you may sort through to find a satisfactory answer. Google is great for checking simple facts, but it might not give you the answers you’re looking for when it comes to making big life decisions. When you ask questions in your Akashic Records, you receive resonant guidance from your higher self that speaks directly to your soul. Your higher self (a future version of you that’s tapped into the big picture) knows exactly what you are experiencing and everything you’ve done to get to this moment. Who is more equipped to give you advice than your future self? Guidance and messages that come from your Akashic Records can provide a roadmap with actionable guidance to help you succeed on your path.
  • How do you receive messages in your Akashic Records?
    Messages in your Akashic Records can be received as colors, words, sounds, feelings, sensations, and imagery. As our intuitive gifts open, we may begin experiencing the Akashic Records like watching a movie or being in a lucid dream. Sometimes we get a spontaneous knowing or an intuitive ping.
  • What makes Kayli and Sabine's live classes different from others?
    While some Akashic Record courses may delve deeply into cosmic or spiritual aspects, our course focuses on using the records for applications in everyday life while keeping things fun and relatable. We welcome individuals from all walks of life, irrespective of their beliefs and backgrounds. Our courses are designed to teach you to open your intuition in a gentle and grounded way, free from overly mystical or cosmic elements. We offer live classes because there is so much to be gained by learning with others. Reading the Akashic Records is a transformative experience that most people won’t understand until they try. Expect to have many “can you believe that!” moments. Learning in a group setting gives you others to lean on and a safe environment to share your experiences. Kayli and Sabine pull from their experience working with Reiki, Sound Healing, Light Language, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Breathwork, and Plant Medicine to deliver a knowledgeable and multifaceted learning experience.
  • Can I take the live classes as a beginner or a seasoned reader?
    We welcome readers at all stages in their journey. Our courses are created for those with no prior experience, seasoned readers, and those with other intuitive practices. New Readers: You may be drawn to this class because you’ve had an Akashic Record Reading and want to learn to support yourself with these tools. Or you may have never had a reading and this is your first time learning about the Akashic Records. Seasoned Readers: The live healings will heal timelines to help you access deeper insights into your soul blueprint and expand your intuitive gifts. As master key holders, Kayli and Sabine will take you to new places in the Akasha and show you how to access new realms for adventure, learning, and growth. You may also benefit from practicing with others and experiencing new styles of reading.
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