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Know Your Child

Do you wonder what is the best way to support your child? How does your child operate in the world?       How are they handling their energy, their emotions, and thoughts? What are their talents? What kind of support do they need from you to be able to develop and live their soul mission?

In this offering I will analyze the Human Design Profile, Numerology Profile, and your child's birth chart in Western and Vedic Astrology to create a profile for your child that will answer: 

  • what is the uniqueness of your child 

  • what are some of his/her talents 

  • how can they live in sync with who they are 

  • what does your child need from their parents as guidance and support?

This includes some very practical parenting tips on how to best support your child based on their uniqueness. 




I will need the birth date, birth time and birth place of your child. 

Please be aware, in comparison to my Know Yourself service for adults, this does not include an Akashic Record reading for your child. It is not allowed to read the Akashic Records for minors. If you want to understand your relationship and soul contract with your child, you can book a separate Akashic record reading on my website for yourself, in which I will ask about the relationship and soul ties with your child. 

The final profile will be delivered within 5 business days. 


This service includes: 

  • written profile with highlights including Human Design Type, Numerology Analysis of Life Path and Shoul Urge Number, Western Astrology Analysis of North/South Node Placement, Vedic Astrology Placement of Rahu/Ketu; 

  • audio recording (mp3) where I talk in more depth about the profile 

  • follow up vm or email to talk about findings 

Price: 188 EUR

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