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Embracing Autumn Energy


In this course you will learn how you bring the wisdom of the autumn season into your life. How can you allow yourself to become more reflective, to surrender, grief, and release? When we follow the natural rhythm of nature we are more in flow with life, we use our own energy more resourceful, and we feel more balanced and healthy. Autumn is a very special time of the year when we undergo a big energy shift, in nature as well as within. We can connect deeper to our ancestors, our shadows, and the wisdom that lies hidden between the veils of the worlds of existence. This is a mystical time and we will engage in many ceremonies in this program to deeply connect to ourselves and everything we learned this year. We will work extensively with the energy of our lungs in this course, to boost our immune system, to enhance our capability to attract life force, and to enable surrender, release, and grief to move through us smoothly. Included: Akashic record reading with guidance for autumn 4 guided meditation journeys in the Akashic records to meet your ancestor, dive into the underworld, release grief and boost your immunity Chinese medicine knowledge about the autumn season, metal element, lifecycles, and astrology Chinese medicine knowledge on immunity and the lung energy and soul aspect of the lungs Meridian Yoga exercises, acupressure manual, and diet and lifestyle advice Join this course and go through this time of the year with ease and well-being.



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