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Do you want to heal on a physical and soul level?


Book a distant Holy Fire® Reiki energy healing session with me. This session will activate your body's innate healing ability and you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Heal - Distant Reiki Treatment 

Welcome to Taowisdom. You will find here healing sessions and information for soul growth. Check out my services, podcast and social media to learn how you can stay physically, mentally and spiritually in balance and live your fullest potential.


Do you want to get guidance from your higher self and soul? Do you want to understand your challenges and how you can live a more fulfilled life? 


Book me for an Akashic Record Reading. 

Grow - Akashic Record Reading

Transform Your Home Into Your Sanctuary

Do you want to feel save, relaxed and inspired in your own home?

Learn with me how you influence the energy in your house. 

This course teaches you, how you:

- energetically clear your home space, 

- energetically protect your home space, 

- work with Feng Shui principles,

- work with gridlines, 

- and attract positive energy into your home.  

Connect to
Ancient Egypt 

Get to know the real Ancient Egypt. Get access to wisdom that is not included in history and guide books. Obtain ancient knowledge that is channeled directly from the earth and the stars.


This guide includes Akashic Record Readings of the (soul) history of all the major temples, the pyramids of Giza, and the great Sphinx.


Connect to higher dimensions, past lives, and galactic beings. 

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