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to my sanctuary.

I am Sabine, and I guide you back home to yourself,

to find within you strength, truth, safety, trust, and purpose. 

Through connecting with your Akashic Records and innate

healing capabilities you will experience your soul power and

learn how to heal the past

to step into your most authentic version to claim your future.

Reclaim your power 
with the
Akashic Records.


The Akashic Records contain information on your soul history, life purpose, unique talents, and future possibilities. This is the source to fully understand who you are, and how you can live a life that feels most authentic and fulfilling.

I offer Akashic Record readings and I also teach you how you can read your Akashic Records yourself. If you want to heal and channel with others, I run live classes where we engage as a group with ascended masters, angels, our higher self, and other divine beings to receive activations and healings and the power of community.

How you can access the Akashic Records

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Heal womb trauma,

tap into fertility, creativity,

and abundance.

Join my next live class

starting 20 March.

Know and trust yourself

by learning to

read the Akashic Records

with my self-paced online course.

Book an Akashic Record

reading and soul activation

with me.


Heal and
experience peace,
harmony, and joy.

I am a firm believer in sovereignty, self-healing, and living in tune with nature.

I offer multiple online classes where I teach you through

spiritual and lifestyle practices, exercises, and healing techniques

how you can self-heal and live in harmony with nature and your personal rhythm.

I also offer reiki and light language healing sessions and the experience of being healed by 4 practitioners at the same time.

Experience my healing modalities 

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Self-paced online course

with lifestyle and spiritual practices

to live in balance

during spring season.


healing experience

with 4 healers. 

Book a

Reiki and Light Language

healing with me. 

and grow
by gaining knowledge.


As they say, knowledge is power. I love to teach and be a channel and I offer multiple free and affordable resources of

channeled information on spiritual growth, healing, the Akashic Records, and history. I also love to travel and do grid work and I unveil wisdom from ancient spiritual sites. 

Listen to my podcast and follow me on social media for channeled guidance. Listen to my audiobooks for insights into ancient sacred sites and the teachings of ascended masters.

Enter my knowledge resources


Listen to my latest audiobook,

receive inspiration from Mary Magdalene,

Isis, Lakshmi, and other goddesses and

awaken the divine feminine

within you.

Listen to my Podcast

for soul growth practices,

free meditations,

wisdom from ancient sites

and Akashic Record guidance.

Follow me on Instagram for

regular Akashic Record

guidance and grid work insights. 

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