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Do you want to heal on a physical and soul level?


Book a distant Holy Fire® Reiki energy healing session with me. This session will activate your body's innate healing ability and you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Heal - Distant Reiki Treatment 

Welcome to Taowisdom. You will find here healing sessions and information for soul growth. Check out my services, podcast and social media to learn how you can stay physically, mentally and spiritually in balance and live your fullest potential.


Do you want to get guidance from your higher self and soul? Do you want to understand your challenges and how you can live a more fulfilled life? 


Book me for an Akashic Record Reading. 

Grow - Akashic Record Reading

Circle of Light 
Make quantum leaps in your healing journey


A powerful and life changing energy healing container. Not 1 but 4 healers will work with your energy and body to immerse yourself in Reiki, Energy Healing, wisdom from the Akashic Records and Shamanism. 

Heal and become the highest version of yourself.

Book your Circle of Light treatment now. 

Live with the seasons and align your energy to spring 


In this course, you will learn how you nourish your Qi in spring and feel physically, mentally and spiritually well in this season.


This course includes: 

  • Chinese medicine insights into the quality of spring energy; 

  • channeled guidance from the Akashic records;  

  • lifestyle practices that support you in spring; 

  • practices that nourish your liver and gallbladder meridian;

  • diet and health advice targeted specifically to spring and

  • exercises, acupressure and guided meditation to boost your energy in spiring.

Connect to
Ancient Atlantis

A civilization destined for greatness but greed-ridden and doomed for power struggles. 

Step into the mysteries of Atlantis.


Channeled from the Akashic records and the underwater portal in Madeira, Portugal, this audiobook takes you along the rise, golden age, and fall of Atlantis. Hear from 3 Atlanteans yourself. The magician, scholar, and high priestess will show you how they lived and speak to you directly. They have an important message to share. 

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